Dr. Raymond Johnson recently reviewed a new work by Western Seminary professor Dr. Patrick Schreiner: Matthew, Disciple and Scribe, for The Gospel Coalition. He writes:

By becoming better readers of Matthew’s Gospel, Christians become better disciples of Jesus as they’re formed into a certain type of person, participating in “a certain type of community” (247). Discipled scribes, according to Schreiner, aren’t saved to themselves, but “form a community” of disciples that will be sent into all nations to build a church (36). They’re “to be like their teacher and become teachers themselves who transmit the message of Jesus to future generations” as “they are to go out, making disciples by teaching and baptizing” (247). They’re “to tell the story of Jesus, because in this story the new and the old clatter together” (241). They’re to teach how a “discipled scribe understands, interprets, and communicates the relationship between the new [testament] and old [testament] through the lens of Jesus” (250).

You can read the full review below. Also, please make plans to join us at CCWC on February 23 when Dr. Schreiner’s father, renowned theologian and author Dr. Tom Schreiner, comes to preach and give an SNT talk on Spiritual Gifts.


Matthew’s Gospel as Discipleship Curriculum