CCWC Internship

Interested in CCWC’s Internship Program?

The Christ Church West Chester (CCWC) internship is designed to assist men who desire to grow in their understanding of the Bible, the church, and how the gospel intersects with everyday life. 

Most men who take part in the internship have pastoral ministry as their aim, though this is not a requirement.

Our internship runs for 12 months and provides unique learning opportunities that include reading, writing, observing, and serving.

What follows is an overview of the program and a sample schedule. If you are interested in applying for the internship, click here to download the application.

Interns will engage in a variety of learning opportunities, including discipleship with our pastoral staff, while engaging in a fast-paced, robust program of study intended to complement all other aspects of the internship. Interns will have weekly reading assignments from books, articles, and other resources as well as written papers related to the readings.

Each week, Pastor Raymond will meet with the interns as a group to discuss their readings, writing, and what they are observing in church life. Once each week, interns will attend morning prayer before studying through different books (or books of the Bible), as well as attend weekly staff meetings and elder meetings every other week. The interns, along with other members of the church who are currently completing theological education, will also have monthly opportunities to meet with top scholars, professors, and experts as part of our Sunday Night Theology series.

The internship spans from September 1st to August 30th of the subsequent year. A sample schedule is included below to get a sense of the weekly commitments.

If an internship at CCWC interests you as a future pastor or church leader, please reach out and let us know! However the Lord leads you to serve, it is our prayer that He would use us all in the service of His Kingdom as we await Jesus’ glorious return.

CCWC Pastoral Staff

Intern Weekly Schedule





How long is the internship?

Internships begin each September and last for a total of 12 months.

How are interns involved in the church?

Interns are involved in various ministries of the church. Interns will not be responsible, however, to oversee any specific ministry. Much of what interns do involves reading, writing, and observing the daily ministry of CCWC.

Can I be married and do the internship?

Of course!

Can I get seminary credit for doing the internship?

Interns can earn up to 24 hours of core course credit through The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS). SBTS will award transfer credit for the following graduate courses:

22200 Introduction to New Testament I (3hrs)

22220 Introduction to New Testament II (3hrs)

27060 Systematic Theology I (3hrs)

27070 Systematic Theology II (3hrs)

27080 Systematic Theology III (3hrs)

30000 Christian Preaching (3hrs)

34300 Introduction to Biblical Counseling (3hrs)

40301 Pastoral Ministry (3hrs)

Interns can also earn an additional 18 hours of elective credit through the Ministry Apprenticeship Program at SBTS:

MAP Leadership (6hrs)

MAP Proclamation (6hrs)

MAP Outreach (6hrs)

Those interested in earning academic credit must apply at Currently, this is the only seminary option available for credit. For more information contact us at

I’m not sure I want to be a pastor. Can I still do the internship?

We encourage men who are seriously considering or are currently in pastoral ministry to apply for the program.

When should I apply?

Decisions about the Fall internship class will be made by May 31 of that year; therefore, please submit your application no later than May 1. Of course, the earlier, the better for both our planning as well as providing sufficient time for you to work out any necessary logistics for you/your family.

Where should I be in my education before doing the internship?

A college degree is usually expected for intern candidates, however, exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis. A formal theological education is not required.

What if English is not my first language; can I still be an intern?

Yes. Please contact us at to discuss the proficiency level of English needed to benefit from our program.

Do I need to be a citizen of the United States?

No. We welcome applications from international students. We encourage international students to apply at least one year in advance, and to contact us at to discuss the visa application process.

Are interns compensated?

Interns are allotted a $500/month stipend. They are encouraged to do personal support raising to cover other expenses. Many interns also hold part-time jobs that work around the internship schedule.

Do interns receive vacation days?

Generally, interns have a full day off each Monday, Friday, and Saturday. The church office is also closed on all government holidays. Although no other vacation days are formally provided, interns may request days off. Interns may still have assignments due on days off. Interns should not expect to travel for personal ministry purposes (speaking engagements, conferences, etc.).

Where can I send my children to school during the internship?

Interns are free to choose whichever educational option is best for their children, including West Chester’s public schools, private schools, homeschooling, or whatever suits your family best.